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The majority of Priory Woodfield production is Fabricated Carbon Steel Pipework for the Water Industries in the UK and Overseas.  Its product range consists,

    Carbon Steel

  1. Backing Rings to suit all Plastic Pipe Systems
  2. Galvanised & Rilsan Coated Backing Rings to BS4504, BS10 & BS1560
  3. Zinc Plated Backing Rings complete with Stainless Steel Collars for use with Thin Wall Stainless Tube
  4. Plate Flanges to BS4504, BS10 & ANSI
  5. Forged Flanges to BS4504
  6. Butt Weld Fittings to BS1640
  7. ANSI 150Ib Flanges to suit Type A Stub Ends
  8. Composite Flanges to BS4504 1974
  9. Flange Adaptor Bases to BS4504 & BS1560
  10. Flange Adaptor (coated) to suit metric or Nominal Bore Pipe
  11. Flanges manufactured to customers own requirements
  12. Fully equipped Profile and Machine Shop with a capacity of 2000mm Nominal Bore

    Stainless Steel

  1. Forged Steel Flanges to ANSI 150 & 300Ib
  2. Weld Neck, Slipon, Blind and Screwed
  3. Plate Flanges to BS4504, BS10 & ANSI
  4. Slipon, Blind, AWWA and Specials
  5. Material 304L & 316L
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